Kenyan Politics: Playing in the Dark

There’s a game I play with my kids. I turn off the lights, shut the door and hide in another room, waiting for the first one brave enough to turn on the lights, venture out and find me. They giggle and scream and egg each other on to take that first step. It can take ages. Eventually I get tired and come out and tickle them or they become adventurous and come out to find me. Any of these can easily take 15 minutes. During the last game, as I stood in a dark room listening to the clock tick away, I couldn’t help but observe a simple parallel between my situation and that of CORD and Jubilee.

Some in the Jubilee government have in the recent past seemed pre-occupied with what Raila Odinga is ‘up to’. I don’t know if they prod each other to make the first public statement or some brave soul usually volunteers themselves…it’s a mystery to me. Eventually they waste a lot of valuable time gazing at CORD and its perceived machinations and do little real work.

Meanwhile, on the other side, CORD is waiting for the first brave fellow who ventures out so they can make an example of them or just scare them…who knows. It’s probably a lot of fun this waiting game but again, nothing’s getting done. Everyone’s sitting around wondering which of the politicians on the other side of the divide it will be this time. No work gets done.

So while they are playing their games, a VAT bill is passed, a motion on the ICC sails through and Mheshimiwa Midiwo finds himself ‘kneeling outside‘ for four days. Who knows what else slaps …sorry, slips right past them?


Author: Muchiri

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